How I Learned to Drive Timeline

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Scene | Time/Age | Brief Summary | Safety First – You and Driver Education | 1969/17 | Introduction. Peck and Lil Bit in the car. Uncle Peck touches Lil Bit and they go home. | Idling in Neutral Gear | adult | The audience gets told how everyone in Lil Bit's family got their nicknames. | Driving in First Gear | 1969/17 | At dinner, the whole family discusses Lil Bit's breast size and her Grandfather says she doesn't need college. Lil Bit gets upset and Peck consoles her. | Shifting Forward from First to Second Gear | 1970/18 | Lil Bit confides in the audience that the real reason she got kicked out of college is because she had a constant companion in her room. | You and the Reverse Gear | 1968/16 | Lil Bit and Peck are at a celebration dinner and Lil Bit gets drunk. | Vehicle Failure | 1968/16 | Peck takes Lil Bit to the car. They discuss going further in their relationship. Peck gets a blanket so Lil Bit can sleep. | Idling in Neutral Gear | | Uncle Peck teaches cousin Bobby how to fish. Bobby gets upset after catching a fish and starts crying so peck releases it. The women talk about sex and orgasms. We find out a little of grandpa and grandma's history. | When Making a Left Turn, You Must Downshift While Going Forward | 1979/27 1967/15 | Lil Bit goes to New York. On the bus she meets a guy who she has sex with. Flash back: Lil Bit asking if sex hurts at first. Mother wants to be honest, Grandma wants to scare her. | Before You Drive/You and the Reverse Gear | 1967/15 | Peck and Lil Bit in a parking lot. Peck is teaching Lil Bit how to drive his car. He gives her his car and they discuss gender role of cars. | Defensing Driving/You and the Reverse Gear | 1966/14 | A kid is faking an allergic reaction. When Lil Bit

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