Daphne Du Maurier Chapter 5 Analysis

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REBECCA (Daphne du Maurier) – CHAPTER 5 Summary Chapter five begins with Mrs. Van Hoppers “interrogation” of where the narrator had been that morning. After being out with Max de Winter for lunch and a drive everyday for a fortnight, she lies and says she has been at a tennis lesson. Mrs. Van Hopper hopes that she has improved, making her out to be a terrible player. The narrator continues, describing her anticipated car trips with her exclusive friend, and she remembers how she could not wait for the slow lift, running down the stairs and bursting out the lobby door to meet him in his car. In the car, the narrator wishes that she could bottle these memories, so that she could relive them by uncorking the bottle. She is having an amazing time until she asks why he takes her out on these trips and mentions his wife, and her passing away. The atmosphere becomes very silent as the narrator realises that her comment would become an invitation into her old life with…show more content…
The start of chapter five establishes the friendship that the narrator and Mr. de Winter has built. When she hops into his car, he gives her his coat, and feeling like the schoolboy heroes girlfriend, she wears it feeling a wave of triumph. The narrator continues on how fond and how much she admires the drives with him, not caring where she goes. It turns a bit ugly when she mentions his wife, but by the end of the drive, their relationship is recovered and even bolstered. Mr. de Winter decides that she has been formal with him long enough, and tells her to call him Maxim, a name his family uses for him, and kissed the top of her head. Although Maxim makes a comment on her being old enough to be his daughter, their relationship seems more intimate rather than platonic. The narrator sums up her changing relationship status; “The morning, for all its shadowed moments, had promoted me to a new level of

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