Dreams Of Sept Movie Analysis

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Dreams of Sept. 2012 .1. Movie about Russian and Chinese camp that imprison their own kind (but the lower class only) and any class of Americans that come their way. Drinking the same water that they are bathing in. Natalie, Hob (from KCAI) and I attempt an escape plan by jumping the water that is in the middle of camp. We make it out on hands and knees in the dark. Hob says lets walk but I say we drive. I think we get in the car although not entirely sure. I wake up. *Movie script in progress now!!* .2. An alien that comes to earth to quest for human sperm and eggs because its own race cannot supply it anymore...when he arrives, his own kind gets angry and threatens to destroy the planet (Zack's idea for a film-not really a dream). .3. Movie about a post apocalyptic event where the sun, water, and animals are radiated and prey…show more content…
The man with the mic's hair slowly gets longer as they stare, very strange moment. I rewind it to see it again and it does the same thing, but this time I catch the hair actually changing and getting longer as they stare during a music awards ceremony which is interrupted by noise coming from a screen. They both look at the screen...an Image of Michael Jackson dancing between white light and black gates fades in. A chant rings out coming in low and rises higher. "Michaels at the door knock knock knock knock (x2) Hes kicking at the gates (x2) Knock knock knockin on the big black gates." Interrupted by broadcast of Michael Jackson's dad having sex with wife while someone watches on camera. I Wake up in dream and talk to mom. Theres tons of watches on her wrist. Rich man. Kids allowance ignorance. ?? (No clue at the moment)?? Dillion is now hanging onto the side of my passenger door of my car listening to my dub-step. Hanging out the window for dear life. Im now with dad zack and mom at dinner outside about to eat but the waiters being a dick and makes us leave. I wake
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