Film Analysis: The Lost Children Of Rockdale County

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Released in the October 1999, “The Lost Children of Rockdale County” appeared in the TV series documentary program called Frontline. The 90-minutes long documentary appeared in the 17th season of the documentary series in its 15th episode. This piece of the engaging film on a very vital social curse and issue acted as an eye-opener for the complacent and ignorant class of the society who are so busy with their menial chores of life that they hardly get time to address and look after the important issues of their growing children. The documentary is directed by Rachel Dretzin and Barak Goodman and focuses on the syphilis outburst of 1996 in an Atlanta suburb which is very well-off and impacted more than 200 teenagers of the area. Written by Rachel Dretzin and starring Willy Lyman, the documentary explored the lives of the teenagers lost in the darkness of drug, group sex and sexual promiscuity unknown to their parents. Teen Sexuality Presented through the Film Outbreak of syphilis in the economically sound demography of outskirts of Atlanta is a consequence only. The deeper implication of this catastrophe is hidden in the myriad level of socio-economic and socio-cultural phases of American society. The documentary explores this hidden social curse into deeper end and explores the actual reason of the aftermath. The program captivates Rockdale county and its solitary town Conyers.…show more content…
Parents are busy making fortune and they are either too busy or quite tired to interact with their kid. They want to replace their presence through material aspect and here lies the real danger. The teens who are not related with the syphilis outbreak or are even aware of it allow the investigator to delve into their own dark world where there are everyday new rules for dating and sex. And children of age group of twelve or thirteen are even the victim of this social malice and in fact are the worst affected
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