To Kill a Mockingbird Essay on Loosing Innocence

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Question: Every time we read we lose a little piece of innocence. 
Discuss this proposition with reference to at least one text you have studied this year There are things in life that people don’t want to experience but they can experience it through reading. The loss of innocence is a major theme in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and this is an experience people can understand through reading. Harper Lees’ narrative text, To Kill a Mockingbird was written in the 1960’s. It is a recount of her childhood in the 1930’s represented through the character Scout and is centered on the conviction of a black man stating that he has raped a girl. Representation of the loss of innocence is shown through the topic of the ‘mockingbird’ aspect, prejudice and the experiences of the families and children. They all have specific parts in the novel that make us lose certain pieces of innocence in our lives. Our loss of innocence through reading this text is because of certain people perspectives and experiences and the growing up is a part of becoming an adult. The aspect of the ‘mockingbird’ in the text occurs frequently. The topic of a mockingbird symbolizes the distorted lives of Boo Radley and Tom Robinson and there lives make the readers lose a piece of innocence through their perspectives. The children are warned that it is a “sin to kill a mockingbird because all it does is sing”. Tom Robinson is an example of a gentle person who has done no harm and only tried to help others however his life is made a mockery from the town’s people and this realization for us makes us loos the innocence we have before reading this. Additionally, Boo Radley has a distorted version of what might have been a normal life but because of his background and individual circumstances such as the knowledge that “he lives with his brother, and Miss Stephanie claims that she saw Boo Radley stab

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