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DBQ Assignment During the 1960s, Martin Luther King’s philosophy of peace, unity, and nonviolence made the most sense for America. King spoke of peace and unity amongst all races. He also felt that through violence we could never succeed. In order to be successful King felt that we would all have to work as a team. King believed in unity amongst all races. “With this faith we will be able to work together… to climb up for freedom together” (Doc 2), this statement shows that King felt success is only achieved through teamwork. He wanted an integrated school system that would provide equal education for both black and white children (Doc 4). Kings views on unity are evident through his association with fellow black activist Malcolm X (Doc 1). I would need an additional document from a white family to see how they felt about unifying with the blacks. In King’s Philosophy violence never solves anything. King felt that by taking part in nonviolent acts, such as sit-ins and marches, job opportunities would become more open to the black community (Doc 6). In his statement, “Violence may murder the murderer, but it doesn’t murder the murder,” he is saying that through violence you will never solve the issue you will only add on to it (Doc 8). King feels this way because when black people rebelled against the whites it only fueled more violence to ensue. In order to future explain why King’s Philosophy was the best; I would need newspaper articles. I would need these because most of the documents came from his speeches. The newspaper articles would also provide images and stories on the many successes of the nonviolent movement. I would also need an extra document from an integrated school teacher or principle to show that through integrating classrooms students learned more
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