Civil Rights Vs. Martin Luther King's Fight For Freedom

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Aguilar, Geddely IB History of the Americas May 1, 2014 As Abraham Lincoln once stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falta and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” The struggle for equality began with America fighting against Britain to obtain liberty and justice for all. In the American Revolution as well as in the Civil Rights Movement there were people of two different beliefs. Some believed in the philosophy of reaching their purpose without any use of violence, were as in the other hand others were certain violence was the only way there was to obtain liberty. Even after being granted certain rights, American citizens still suffered corruption, and segregation. Throughout the years everything that America has…show more content…
Martin Luther King once stated in his book, “Stride Toward Freedom”, “Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people”. In his mind he was certain we wouldn’t get anywhere with violence. “The whites were colonized. They were fed up with this taxation without representation” (Digital History, Malcolm X). In this quote Malcolm X expresses how he was aware of why the American Revolution was fought. In addition, going more into the speech The Ballot or the Bullet we see his connection that we makes with referring to the Civil Rights Movement and the bloody American Revolution. He says that no Revolution will ever be non­bloody or nonviolent. My connection here is both Malcolm X and the American Revolution believed in the concept that violence had to be used in order to obtain what they were fighting for. In this case Malcolm X wanted to fight to end the segregation him and his community were experiencing. On the contrary of the American REvolution which was fought to end Great Britain's laws toward our nation, their excessive taxes, and ending any trade or connection with Great Britain. After 200 years of being granted equality, freedom and liberty as claimed in the Constitution, African Americans were fighting to be able to have this right. The Civil Rights Movement was an era of segregation, violence, and corruption toward the African

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