Booker Taliaferro's Up From Slavery

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Can you imagine how would be the world if nowadays the slavery toward the black race continues existing? If was thus, primarily the president of the United States, would not be Barack Obama. Either the majority of the good sportsmen like Lebron James or Kobe Bryant had the opportunity to play. Will be asking yourselves why I make similar reference. And the fact is that to ends of the century 19, before that to conclude the civil war, black people did not have the rights than the white people had, not even an education. How would you feel if, being a human like everyone, were treated with indifference and did not have the same rights? At these days I was reading a portion of one of the great writing, titled "Up from Slavery." I refer to only one portion because the book I read is a piece that summarizes the whole book written by a man fighter named Broker T. Washington. Maybe are you interested in knowing who Booker Taliaferro…show more content…
First we can observe in the same way that slavery is one of them. Booker believed that slavery affected only the Negroes, but also affects the white’s moral. In the other hand, we can see clearly the need for an education. This is the most important topic, as he often mentions its importance. In fact, it was one of his great speech specifications, since that education make us grow as people. The dignity of work, another of his themes. Booker firmly believed that any education would be completed having worked. He thought that the work had a great value and could not complete his career if he did not work in his community. Another issue presented was the relationship between different races. He was a great influence for people to understand that the relationship with each other, without racial distinction, would help in their own growth, the community and the entire nation. The topics presented above are only some of which were outlined in the novel. Other of them is freedom, equality and
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