Evaluate the Importance of the 1964 Act on the Civil Rights Movement – Did It Bring the “Better Day Coming”?

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1964 Act on the civil rights movement was important as it provided equal right to accommodations for African Americans, as well as provides for equal opportunity for rights to housing. It finally enshrined the rights of all citizens in the US and prevented discrimination. The Fifteenth Amendment in 1865 did the same but, in many states loopholes were used to get around it and state sponsored racism. This finally enforced that Amendment and banned discrimination based on race. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been the most effective legal tool at eliminating private-sector discrimination. Over time, the act has gained broad public support, and I think defines for many Americans what is the government role in eliminating discrimination. Firstly the act was important to bring a better day for African Americans because the Amendment didn't protect black people from their civil rights that were being violated by individuals. This was a start for the civil rights movement, Blacks had wanted to be equal like everyone else for over 100 years. They were suffering from social inequalities. The Jim Crow laws down South that was similar to slavery setting. There were many events that led to the civil rights movement beginning in 1954 with Brown v Board of Education, defended by Thurgood Marshall, who later became a judge on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled that separate educational facilities for blacks were unequal, but the desegregation didn't initially, completely stop in the nation because of this ruling. The Brown decision intended for black and white kids not to be forced to attend separate schools. This also brought affirmative action from Congress for most blacks because of the controversy of the ruling. Affirmative action was brought about to overcome the issues of segregation and discrimination in jobs and education. It was eventually reversed and limits
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