Martin Luther King vs Malcolm X Dbq Essay

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Watching Freedom Fall Before Us As people walk around in today time we see people of all races, we might judge them but in the United States of America we can’t deny, anyone of any race, anything. So in the 1960’s whose philosophy led to this unity in today's time and made the most sense? Was it Malcolm X or Martin Luther King? In that time of drastic change and opportunity, I think that Martin Luther King’s philosophy made the most sense for the 1960’s and still makes sense today. The Civil Rights Movement began almost instantaneously after World War II. When the Civil Rights Movement got moving and on its way was when the court case Brown vs. Board of Education was decided. This changed the future of America and gave so many activist and even ordinary people a chance to speak up. It provoked a revolution, and it wouldn’t stop until the wrongs were righted. MLK dove right in and expressed his hopes and visions to the whole of America. He believed that America good change for the better good. That all people were equal and integration was the best thing for this nation. Malcolm X also had a great vision but it was barbarian and wouldn’t suit the nearing future. Malcolm X rested assured that racial separation was the best for a fast-growing country. Both were indeed intelligent men who had different ideas of how to accomplish the same goal. Both were right in their own ways. But MLK took the stand and dove in and never stopped striving for freedom. Indeed MLK philosophy made the most sense in the 1960’s showing non-violence to people who had become accustomed to it, and expressing the greatness of human life. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 no one could have guessed that this little infant was destined to success; to alter the course of American History. He was raised in a family that had love going around and told him as a young child to no
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