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Final Marketing Plan 10/27/14 Robin Reis MKT/421 Introduction Did you know that, "In Apple's list of ground-breaking products are most notably the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad (Statitsa, 2014).”Apple Inc. has taken over the market of computer technology and software for years now. The company recently mentioned that they will be introducing a new product to the market, the Apple Watch. The watch will sport some intriguing features that are guaranteed to capture the attention of customers, when it finally ships and will be available in early 2015. The starting price of the Apple Watch will be $349 when it hits the market in the United States (Taylor,2014). Before the release of this product the company needs to complete competitive analysis of the organization, determine the target market, and…show more content…
The Apple watch has a new payment system that works using NFC (near-field communication technology). Users simply hold their watch up to a sensor at a store’s cash register, and then use Touch identification (ID) to complete your purchase at the register. As you can tell, this is not an ordinary watch. That is why this product will open new doors within the market as well as the company. SWOT Analysis Apple SWOT analysis 2014 | Strengths | Weaknesses | 1. Marketing and advertising capabilities 2. Strong and extensive distribution channels in the U.S. 3. Vertical integration 4. Brand awareness and reputation | 1. Lack of product breadth and offerings at different price points 2. Weak direct distribution channels in China and India 3. Dependence on iPhone and iPad sales 4. Lack of innovation 5. Incompatibility with other OS | Opportunities | Threats | 1. Acquisitions of valuable companies 2. Mobile payments 3. Wearable gadgets | 1. Competition 2. Strong U.S. dollar 3. Lawsuits over patent infringements | Porter’s Five Forces Model Applied to Apple

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