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Marketing Research TR, MKT/412 March 14, 2011 Stephen Fritzenkotter Marketing Research In June of 1998, Kathy Kudler opened Kudler Fine Foods based in La Jolla, California is a local business with an upscale twist on fine food dining. Soon after in 2000 she opened a second store in Del Mar, and a third store in 2003 along the coast line city of Encinitas. Kudler managed to break even and prove profitable only nine months after opening the doors to the original food store in La Jolla. Kudler vision was to establish stores that would stock a large variety of the freshest ingredients as well as all of the gizmos a gourmet cook could dream of. The 8,000 square feet stores are strategically placed in fashionable shopping centers.…show more content…
By the utilization of marketing resources and making appropriate business adjustments to include catering services. Marketing research can be defined as the collection and analysis of information to assist in the decision making process. The surveys on the Kudler website, were not able to provide sufficient information to form a definitive plan of action, additional marketing research is needed to determine a definite plan of action. Further surveys may produce additional information related to consumer satisfaction with the current services and products offered. Kudler not only need to establish their personal goals and business aspirations, they need to know who their competition is and what they are doing in the marketplace. Kudler’s in-store events while providing the customers with educational experiences and introducing new products and services are also place for research and feedback from the customers. Focusing on the needs of the customer has been a successful strategy for…show more content…
With existing customers shopping at Kudler daily and on-site events being held on a regular basis advertising a new catering service should require a minimal expenditure. Utilizing existing clientele to get the work out about the catering service and the on-site events to obtain feedback for customer on menu offerings can be a asset to the success of the new venture. Discovering the needs of potential customers and advertising the customer service as a main goal of the company should draw business in. Some specific forms of promotion Kudler could use are newspapers, in-store fliers, and direct mailers to current customers. Customer service must continue to be the main focus on Kudler Fine Foods, as profits increase the utilization of technology will be able to increase efficiencies, cut cost and labor. As the business continues to grow the importance of implementing technology will become more beneficial in order for customer service to remain the primary

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