Might And Power Quotes

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RACE COMMENTATOR: Might and Power well clear at the 200 metre mark, he's gone out by four lengths. It looks all over. Might and Power has gapped them in the Caulfield Cup. What a win, he's won it by seven lengths. Doremus is second... NICK MORAITIS: It's a funny thing you know, when he went through the ring nobody wanted him because of this leg that he had. They said he wouldn't stand up in racing. PHILIPPA MCDONALD: Might and Power was passed in at auction, but Nick Moraitis thought, at $40,000, the gelding might well be worth putting his money on. NICK MORAITIS: Might and Power won one race as a two-year-old. He was still an ordinary conveyance as far as we were concerned. He went for a spell and came back. As a three-year-old he won a couple of races. Jim Cassidy said when he rode him "This horse has something special about him". JIM CASSIDY: He was just a remarkable athlete. His will to win and determination to fight off other horses and the attack that he just put...through your own body riding him, the vibe and the feel was just something very special, something you don't get off other horses. PHILIPPA MCDONALD: Might and Power became the name on everyone's lips when he was the horse to lead all the way and win both the Caulfield Cup's and the Melbourne Cup in 1997. MAX PRESNELL: There are about two horses in the history of the Melbourne Cup that have led all the way and won. Might and Power did, the other two didn't do it with the weight that Might and Power did. Courage, he was a very, very courageous horse too. He had the ability but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, when the whips are out, courage is what counts and Might and Power had it. PHILIPPA MCDONALD: Might and Power's courage drew adoring crowds and his owner, a potato merchant, Nick Moraitis became a racing identity overnight. JIM CASSIDY: We've seen Nick run up the
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