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ELA 10 March 15, 2015 Muhammad Ali Historical Persona Muhammad Ali, whose real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky January 17, 1942. He received part of his name from his father Marcellus Clay who was a mural painter who did a lot of work for community churches and his mother was a domestic worker. He noticed one day that someone stole his bike and said he would “whup who ever stole it” after telling this to the police officer he told Ali to learn how to box if u want to whup who stole your bike. Ali was 12 when his boxing career had begun. Ali started working out in Louisville’s Colombian gym and got attached with boxing. He was getting trained by a black trainer name Fred Stoner who thought Ali how…show more content…
Ali told everyone that he doesn’t want to take part in the war because of his religious beliefs after becoming a part of Muslim community. Ali got sentenced to jail for 5 years after 3 years in jail the sentence was overturned but he lost his title and Ali came out of jail. In 1970 he started fighting again his very first fight was against Jerry Quarry in which he knocked him out in 3rd round after that people started loving him again and for the very first time Ali lost fight in his career from Joe Frazier. Ali became heavyweight champion three times in his career. Ali wins his title second time against George Foreman in eighth round by knocking him out. He loses his tile one more time from Leon Spike but he gets it back after seven months later and becomes the only boxer to ever become world heavyweight champion three different times in his career. Ali retires after having an astonishing record of 56-3 wins-loses. Ali retires in December 1981. Ali faces biggest challenge of his life after retiring from boxing he was diagnosed by Parkinson disease because of getting hit hard on his head. He wasn’t able to talk properly or walk but he never gave up and he reached his goal of helping kids and his community by public appearances to raise money for Muhammad Ali foundation. He was appreciated for making Muhammad Ali community and Economic development Corporation. In 1996 Ali carried the torch for Olympic flame and everyone gave him standing

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