The Grapes Of Wrath Movie Analysis

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The Grapes of Wrath · The Grapes of Wrath is a movie about families being pushed away from their homes and land during The Great Depression. In the beginning Tommy gets out of jail and returns to his home but none of his family is there. His family was forced off their land and left stranded. That is when they decided to go to California to find jobs. On the way to California the Grandpa dies. The water in that time was 15 cents a gallon. They arrived at a camp that cost 50 cents to stay and their are people from every direction and come from different states. They stop at a gas station and there they bought a loaf of bread for 10 cents but it was originally 15 cents. While on the road in California the grandma becomes sick and dies. They finally found somewhere to work and they get to buy a small shack for 5 cents.…show more content…
James Braddock is a boxer that broke his hand and had to give up boxing to find a job. He and his family lost pretty much everything. He could not work everyday so when a boxer dropped out and his manager called he of course, took on the offer to fight for the night. He definately was not chosen to win so when he knocked out his opponent in the third round everyone was shocked. His manager offers him a chance to get back into boxing so he takes it. He keeps winning and earning money but he doesnt spend it at first, he pays back his money that he got when he did not have a job. When everyone finds out about him is when he got his name "Cinderella Man." He eventually makes it all the way to the heavy weight championship match. Unfortunately, he has to face Baer, who is the dirtiest boxer in the league. That does not make him scared at all. Through all the struggles and training he defeats Baer and is the heavy weight champ of the world. The men wore suits with brimmed hats while the women wore fancy dresses. The accents they have are Jersey because that is where they are

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