Assignment 3.2: The Horse Racing Industry

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English 115 Dr. Laura Weber Assignment 3.2 by Ed Faehr The horse racing industry in Kentucky has seen a steady decline over the past 20 years. Neighboring states have legalizing casino gambling and tied the profits to the racetracks to lure business to their states, mostly Kentucky horseman. Once again, the State Senate this year again failed to put the issue on the ballot for the people to decide. This could prove the death knell for the smaller tracks in Kentucky. The major cause is competition from neighboring states. Kentucky now has competition from Indiana and West Virginia, with the former opening its first racetrack ever in 1994. Those states offered more money in purse money (the money awarded to the top 4 finishers)…show more content…
It’s been a bill a few times, but has never made approval to be voted on by the people. The most recent vote was this year on February 23rd, when the expanded gambling bill was defeated 21-16. Polls have shown that over 80% of Kentuckians are in favor of being able to vote on this themselves. It seems that with the state legislature doing this, it’s working against itself by driving multiple businesses and people out of state. It’s amusing to me that Mr. Williams himself prefers to travel out of…show more content…
We have no professional team per se, the Wildcats give us what they can, and as good as it is, it’s still minor league. We have the Kentucky Derby. It’s our claim to fame. People from coast to coast for years have had derby parties and make memories of it. That isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The smaller tracks and the lower level horses and owners who run day to day operations in this state are the lifeblood of this industry. Don’t let the glamour and the glitz of the derby fool you. One day in Louisville cannot fund this industry like a casino in another state does. Casinos take in revenue and pay racetracks in those states every day. Kentucky is playing a game with its own heritage on the line and the table is tilted against us. The thing is, people who lead Kentucky and were voted into office by us are the one’s who tilted the table. It’s doing the state and it’s industry no good at all if the horses that are raised here are being sold and then raced out of state, and most never to return even on a breeding basis, since there are bigger breeder awards in those states if they decide to make the horse a stallion or a

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