Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B)

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MEMO TO: Leon Lassiter FROM: Elbay Aliyev SUBJECT: Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (B): Cleaning Up an Information Systems Debacle One of the first mistakes on behalf of MSCC was the fact that nothing was learned from past mistakes and the company relied on DMA too much. Even though any company can go through financial difficulties, much larger organizations could have a big capability of handling such difficulties and provide long-term support of a product for their clients. Another major source of the problems within the MSCC has come from negligent decision making of Gramen. The company has made the decision to move on from UNITRAK once Gramen was hired to replace Kovecki. The reason why Gramen was not a good candidate for a position is that he was extremely familiar with HP system, whereas the currently operating systems have been running on IBM AS/400. Due to such knowledge of HP and lack of it with IBM, it could have been foreseen that Gramen would attempt to promote HP to replace IBM. Hardware technologies of these companies are so different that a switch would carry many additional problems. This provides some points to the fact that Gramen was not the right candidate for the position and lacked the required skills, knowledge and experience for the position. It has been mentioned by Lassiter that he has started the process of finding a suitable replacement for Gramen. The responsibility of finding and hiring such a person should given to Niele, since the will be the manager that the Gramen’s replacement will be reporting to. Even if the full responsibility cannot be placed on Niele, she should be an important part of decision-making process in the search of a replacement. Not only Niele will be able to aid the search for better results, but she will also be able align her long-term plan for the company with the qualifications of the new found employee.

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