Social Media and Legal Issues

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Answer the following questions: 1. Performance feedback is most effective when managers Choose one answer. a. communicate tactfully and honestly with employees being appraised. b. stress the feedback interview more than the evaluation interview. c. stress positive performance and downplay negative performance. d. stress the evaluation interview more than the feedback interview. e. evaluate their subordinates on a daily basis. Incorrect 2. As an HRM specialist, you are responsible for orienting a new group of employees. Your orientation topics will include all but of the following except Choose one answer. a. location of the company cafeteria. Incorrect b. introduction to coworkers. c. interviewing skills. d. career paths within the firm. e. company benefits. 3. The effects of economic conditions on consumers' ability and willingness to buy would best be called ____ forces. Choose one answer. a. technological b. sociocultural c. competitive Incorrect d. economic e. legal and regulatory 4. Jefferson Inc. (JI) is a relatively new company that wants to improve its employee rewards, compensation, and benefits. The company understands that there are effective reward systems that will motivate employees. However, JI management is not sure which would be the best for the company. Compensation, another important area, must also be improved so that it will satisfy all employees effectively. In addition, the company wants to create benefits to keep the employees not just satisfied, but also motivated. Yet another pressing issue is deciding on the training methods that are to be used to successfully teach the new employees. JI believes that it will be on the right path if all of these changes can be successfully accomplished. The company plans to incorporate performance appraisals so it can be sure
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