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Case Study Analysis Jennifer COMM/215 August 9, 2010 Mary-Beth Brophy Case Study Analysis Introduction A company should already have in place a procedural manual for the hiring and training of new employees and trainees. Carl discovered too late, several issues that he would have had to formalize and/or define and have in place, prior to implementing new trainee orientation. In this paper, I will discuss the issues that Carl is faced with and present solutions that could be used to avoid similar issues. Background ABC, Inc. was looking to hire some people to work with Monica Carrolls, the operations supervisor. Carl Robins, the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., was in charge of recruiting several people to fill these positions.…show more content…
Items mentioned by the operations supervisor were training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and several other items, which it seems that only after these were mentioned, did the new recruiter start to do research into the requirements of the recent new hires. ABC Inc., and the new recruiter appear to have a failure to implement procedures for hiring and coordination between departments. Key Problems Some of the problems or issues that I have identified were: 1. Absent of a critical path method (CPM) for the hiring process. 2. Communication is indeed, a key factor resulting in a conflict of scheduling of the training room for the training of new employees. There is a failure of communication between Recruiting and Operations because Operations is a key liaison for IT, but perhaps a failure in communication in the delineation of duties of the Campus Recruiter. 3. Administration duties and support thereof, seems to be lacking, as evidenced by incompleteness of orientation manuals. 4. The role and the capacity of the “Operations Supervisor” instructing the Campus Recruiter of his…show more content…
should produce a new hire procedural manual with checklist to be marked and dated after completion of each item. This procedural manual should have all the details and guidelines that the new hire/trainee needs to complete prior to new hire/trainee orientation. ABC, Inc. also needs to have an on-the-job training program that provides new hires/trainees to develop their skills under the direction of an experienced department employee mentor. I believe that the human resources department should be involved when a new hire or trainee has accepted the job offer. After the human resource department is aware of the new hire or trainee accepting the job offer, the human resources department will be able to start the background check, and verify the candidate is knowledgeable making sure the applicant is qualified for the position desired. The Human Resources department with coordination of the department manager should be able to set up the date and time for a new hire orientation to relieve the campus recruiter of these duties so he can focus on the various processes of recruiting new

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