Hrm 531 Career Plan

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Roger Garvin August 10, 2014 Career Plan: Reflection Paper Rough Draft Professional Objectives are being financial stable, maintaining good customer service and, possessing a backup. Being financially stable is a goal/ objective for any company or owner. It will not be worth it if the company or employees are not paid for what their work is worth. This can cause issues from having workers who are either to lazy or work too hard. Another objective is to maintain good customer service which can make or break a business of any kind. Customers are the heart of any business, keeping the customer happy creates word of mouth about any business and can help the business excel. Finally, having a backup plan is always a good bet due to the fact taking chance on anything can be a hit or miss. But, if a company or business man can possess the first two objectives…show more content…
This exercise sets out everything I find important to myself and put a value upon it. This gives priority a new meaning because placing value on family and salary and certain things you want and need out of a job make a difference on what kind of job that maybe in mind. This creates an action plan in which requires a person to set limits to what needs to be given up for what job you want or want to work up too. Setting career priorities define my goals and help me look for a job because it makes me want to accomplish every goal I set for myself, so I can be happy and have everything I need to live and survive with. It is important when evaluating career variables because it helps me define my potential and where I want to spend my time working. It brought up a big question of do I want to waste my skills and talent for a job that will last for a few months or do I want settle for a career well I can accomplish all of my goals. This exercise actually helps me reach my final action plan by zeroing in on my final career choice
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