Career Essay: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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Medical Assistants completes administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, chiropractic’s, and other health practitioners. The reason I chose medical assisting as a career is because being able to help those in need and healing the sick gives me this adrenaline rush and makes me feel complete. This career has always been a passion of mines. My personality is a caring, loving, and outgoing person which is great traits to have in the medical industry. Medical assisting is a great career to pursue. Medical assisting is a growing career and its high in demand and is growing every day. Medical assistants typically do the following task including but not limited to: * Take patients history and measure vital signs * Help physicians with patient examinations * Give patients injections and start IVs * Schedule patient appointments * Prepare blood for lab tests CMA ROCKS CMA ROCKS Medical assistants typically need a high school diploma or equivalent. There is no formal education, but most require to be certified. To obtain a diploma you would typically go to school for 6 months at a vocational college. Or you can get a certificate in one year at a community college. Or you can get your associates in 17 months. While in school you will learn varies of thing including but not limited to:…show more content…
Doing this career plan helps me understand that there are steps you have to take to get to where you wantto be. You have to work hard for the things you want to accomplish. I will take my education very seriously, because education is the backbone of my career. Education is also a great investment. This plan taught me how to have better time management. Being able to set my goals and crossing them off as I accomplish is only letting me know that im one step closer to my ulitmate goal. Which will have a postitive affect on my motivaiton. Knowing that anything is possible if you put your mind to

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