A Career As An Anesthesiologist

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The actual definition of an anesthesiologist is "A physician specializing in anesthesia and the administration of anesthetics." ("Anesthesiologist"). Which is a pretty vauge description of an anesthesiologist. Basically, what they do is administer the pharmisutical drugs into the in ways such as needles and masks to numb the pain of surgery. A more elaborate definition was obtained from an encyclopedia ("Anesthesiology"). "This profession deals with administry of drugs for pain relief in surgery or child birth. The one to insert the drugs must chose which is best and must moniter the patients reaction. They also have to know about obstetrics, pediatrics, internal medicine, and pain management." So, this career is a very important one…show more content…
An example is: "Anesthesiology is a form of medical practice, and as such requires that those interested in a career in the field first complete the requirements necessary for a medical doctor. This includes obtaining a 4-year degree, often in a science or pre-med area. This is followed by completion of medical school and residency/internship in general medicine. After medical school, most countries require that you complete a residency program in anesthesia. In most cases, licensure is required before a person can be employed as an anesthesiologist. This involves passing licensure exams, which vary depending on the country or even the state in which you plan to practice." (www.unixl.com/). Obviously, this career takes a long time to…show more content…
The first year of having this job, the revenue is over enough for a just-graduating college student to live off of. Anywhere from $150,000 to $550,000 can be made. Maybe even more with seniority. (www.gaswork.com/). There are many colleges that train people to become nurses. One of then is the University of Utah. "The College of Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and is approved by the Utah State Board of Nursing." (Keefe, 11). There are many differnt programs offered such as graduate programs, accellerated, and undergraduate. In an interview with Ashton Lowry (an anesthesiologist) he was very informitaive. One of the questions asked was how many years he had to go to college for. His response was, "It depends on what type of degree you are working to obtain. I ended up going to school for a little over 8 years to earn the degree I was looking for." (Lowry). A television show of anesthesiologists from UCLA aired last year. The professionals talked about the training for this job. They all claimed that it's very important to be well educated prior to doing this job. One false move can lead to intense pain, parilyzation, and eaven death. Therefore, the many years of training is very necessary.

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