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Management Plan Narisha Foxx Mgt/311 July 5, 2013 Anthony Herring, M.Div., MBA Management Plan Managing workers at Riordan Manufacturing where three employees were recently asked to take a survey that included assessments to identify specific characteristics that determine how those traits affect their performance and the organization. Theses assessments analyze employee engagement, emotions, and job satisfaction. As a result of the three analyses there were additional self-assessment recommendations that are included in order to be able to provide greater insight for some more successful management and motivation for the individual employees. Arthur Kinard, Tara Anthony, and Carter Nelson are the employees who participated in the assessments.…show more content…
The first is intensity or how hard the person tries to accomplish the task. The second element is direction or the effort that is channeled toward organizational goals. The final element is persistency or how long a person can maintain the effort” (2011). The results from Arthur’s assessments revealed a high job satisfaction rating, proving that he has the ability to perceive, evaluate, express, and regulate emotions and feelings. Arthur may not be the best at managing others, which could make presentations or working on teams difficult. Arthur would not be the best choice to manage other workers, but he is an asset to the company because he has a positive attitude and likes his job. Arthur is a valued employee, and this positive state of mind could be good for morale. “Breaking down organizational goals into smaller more detailed task geared specifically toward the strength of an employee is an example of Management by Objection or the goal setting theory” (Pearson Education, Inc, 2011). As manager, I have decided that Arthur will serve the company well working in a position that does not require him to be in charge of any projects. “One of the goals at Riordan Manufacturing is to maintain a working environment that is team oriented by assuring that our employees are well informed and are offered the proper support, in an effort to maintain an innovative and team oriented work-place”. (Apollo Group,…show more content…
She is more than capable of showing emotions, but she can be brought down due to the feelings of others. It is easy to see that some individuals are more motivated than others. “The self-efficacy theory developed by Albert Bandura holds that an individual’s belief that he or she is capable of performing a task is a complement to the goal-setting theory as it incorporates goals into the process. Higher efficacy is related to greater confidence, greater persistence in the face of difficulties, and responding to negative feedback with working harder, not shutting down” (2011). Tara is not very engaged when working and does not enjoy talking out issues with co-workers and managers however, she is capable of managing her attitude in the work-place, very detail oriented, and comfortable with her work. These attributes are valuable when working on a team. Riordan Manufacturing strives to maintain a working environment that is team oriented by making sure that our employees are well informed and are provided the proper support, in an effort to maintain an innovative and team oriented workplace (2013). Each worker has notable attributes that will benefit the company in a variety of areas and ways. The ability to place each employee according to their strengths and company need will prove to be the most sensible way to have an innovative and productive

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