The Crosby Case

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1. Livingston made some mistakes initially. Describe at least two of them and provide how you would handle the situations. 2. How do you think the functional employees feel? Support how you might feel if you were in their position by citing points from the case study? 3. Are there any other alternatives? Explain at least three alternatives. 4. Explain your thoughts about the appointment of Tim Emary as project manager. Consider what is expected of a project manager and senior managers’ support for projects. 5. How long do you think it should take to develop a detailed project schedule and why? 6. Is a completion date in as short as 18 months realistic? Why or why not? Analyze this question using the information from Exhibit 12-2 (Typical schedule in months). 7. Explain what other areas may suffer as time constraints increase. 1) I think one of the mistakes Livingston made was to assume the source of the company's problem was the old computer financial reporting system. The old financial reporting system is only part of there was no collaboration to determine if the MCCS was the core problem of the company. Livingston made the determination that the MCCS was the root cause of losing contracts without other input. I would have gathered my team and perform an impact analysis to determine if there was any hidden problems with the current system that could be fixed in a faster cheaper way. Another issue is earlier on the meeting the MIS manager stated that he guessed the feasibility study would be the first step in the design, development and implementation of the new MCCS. If I were Livingston this would have been a red flag for me. The feasibility study seems thorough enough however I question why the study Includes bids from different vendors. Normally bids would be gathered at a later time in the project after all the requirements

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