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SECTION 1: RESEARCH WORKFORCE REQUIREMENTSActivity 1 What is workforce mobilisation? Before organisations can even begin to formulate a workforce plan, they need to get an accurate picture of the workforce they currently have Workforce mobilisation can be used to address shortages and excesses. It is about mobilising the workforce from areas of low need to areas where staff are required. Sometimes this is done on a global level, moving employees between countries. Most successful organisation know how to mobilise the right people and move them around to meet the needs of the organisation the organisation. Moving people around should be based on matching individual skills with organisational needs. Once an organisation knows the areas in which shortages and excesses exist, they can proceed with their workforce plans and devise strategist ensure that they have the right number of staff in every area of the organisation or to ensure that staff numbers are correctly allocated to the right tasks. The organisation you work for has asked you to analyse their existing workforce to determine areas where there are excesses or shortages or requirements for mobilisation. How would you do this? Explain. To determine areas where there are excesses or shortages or requirements for mobilisation I would plan to carry out an audit of labour supplies in the workplace, look at the size of the organisation and determine their goals and then assess the number of staff they currently have and their qualifications held and review the types of employment they currently have but possibly require. Having done this then it can show you where shortages are and put forward suggestions to shuffle staff in areas and times when resources are lower and utilise or implement plans to develop skills of current employees or even recruit more staff if realistically needs

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