Unit 3 P1

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Assessment activity 2.1 P1: describe recruitment documentation in a selected organisation. Human resource: is the department that does all the recruitment for a business. Basically all the employees are the human resource for a business. It is very important to recruit good employees for the well-being of the business. Besides employing it sets up day to day goals for the organisation. Recruitment of employees: This is the most important role of the Human resource. This role is very critical as HR selects the most skilful and competitive person for the business. Function involves evaluation of ability and potential employees in relation to specific job role. I have chosen Nikes human resource: NIKE is the world's largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel. They employ more than 33,000 people globally. Nike sell products in more than 180 countries around the globe. For company such as Nike, human resource is very important as they require the best and the most skilled full workers. There are two main activities carried by human resource in Nike. First to employ skilled full labour for the correct job and second to provide them with the correct resources so that they can carry out work in the best standard. In Nike there are constant changes of different demand of products that the customers wish to purchase, for this reason the staff will have to be trained for any of these occasions. This is how they improve their human resources. They also look at how many skills the employee has when they are searching for new employees. They will check whether that person can be used in more than one job position of that store, how many skills they consist of. The recruitment process used in Nike. Nike needs employees across a wide range of both store-based and non-store jobs * In stores, it needs checkout staff, stock handlers, supervisor (managers).
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