Micro-Features of Marie Antoinette

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Cady Blanchard-Wood This essay will analyse the micro features found in the scene "I Want Candy" in the film Marie Antoinette and how they are able to create meaning for an audience. Throughout the scene the music is gradually increasing and upbeat, which creates meaning as it engages the audience as it makes the scene appear more entertaining. The upbeat sound from the music could also create meaning for the audience as it could put questions into their head as they could think something is about to happen in the film, however the audience won't know what to expect as it is not the music that is creating the tension but the beat and the audience will expect to see something come up unexpectadly. There is a mixture of non-diegetic and diegetic sound used during the scene and the dialogue appears to be suppressed. This creates meaning for the audience as it makes the audience feel more at ease and creates a relaxing atmosphere and this could create a more realistic approach to the audience as there are a lot of sounds used. There is hardly any dialogue used in this scene which means that it is clearer for the audience to understand what is going on, this can also keep the audience interested and gives them a voice, it also encourages them to think about what the characters could be saying. This could also create meaning as it makes the audience focus on what is going on during the scene and makes them think something important is about to happen. Various shots have been used in this scene however, the director has used a lot of close ups. As shown in the screen show below, the director has used close ups on the costumes the actors are wearing and the props such as the food, this creates meaning for the audience as it shows that they are the most important feature of the scene. The director uses a point of view shot as seen in the screen shot below. When
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