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Here are the sample essays from the “Capacity of Entertainment to Ruin Society” prompt. I have tried to organize them from those most skeptical of the claim to those most convinced of its accuracy. Read two and write peer reviews noting the strategies that these writers used to present their claims, strategies that you can emulate. Hopefully you will read more than two. Sore Thumbs=Bright Minds Distressed damsels, profanity, and shooting sprees: it's not surprising videogames carry a bad reputation. In Everything Bad is Good for You, Johnson says it best: "It's not what you're thinking about when you're playing the game, it's the way you're thinking" (Johnson 40). It's not a new concept. In the face of their benefits, we…show more content…
Such escapism reflects the society's desire to be inundated with entertainment and free from political burdens. Choosing leisure over reality contributes to the declining interest in local affairs. If people don't care about voting, the entire foundation of American society will corrode. An apathetic electorate poses a danger to democracy. The media not only distracts society from reality, but also provides temporary pleasure; for example, television instantly fulfills the wish for relaxation. If people have the self-control to sample television in small doses, it can be relaxing without being harmful. However, when television is integrated into the daily routine and becomes "necessary," people rely on it for artificial happiness. Depending on entertainment for pleasure is detrimental to health and mind. For some people, entertainment yields greater joys than physical activity does. A visible, dangerous result of this mindset is obesity. Another consequence of depending on the media for recreation is a decline in individual creativity and self- reliance. When entertainment becomes a lifestyle, society's wellbeing…show more content…
Intentionally or otherwise, entertainment condones violent behavior and downplays its significance. Modern entertainment lays sex and violence on dangerously thick. By excusing brutality and equating promiscuity to beauty, it distorts the moral values of society. Additionally, it encourages a personally dangerous lifestyle. STDs, fighting fatalities and injuries, and jail time are real threats to those who choose to live in the false grandeur of a Hollywood life. The Ugly Face of Entertainment Entertainment tempers people's hectic pace of life, preserves sanity, and serves as a vehicle for socialization. In an age of technology, however, new entertainment has invaded society and rotted morals. Television, computer and video games, movies, and others have placed an unhealthy emphasis on indulgence and violence. By capitalizing on thrillers like aggression, much of entertainment has distorted human character and promoted violence. Many producers exploit violence because sensational material sells; chances for a show's success increase about 16% if it is violent. Sex, violence, and profanity in movies have therefore increased in the past decade.

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