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Essay What is the Meaning of Life? I truly don't have an exact answer for the meaning of life. I find myself confused at times. I think that life is meant to be lived in a sense with no regrets. From observing previous generations, our goals and overall want in life stays the same for the most part. We all share the want to be happy. The things individuals do each strive toward reaching whatever brings us the most utility. Whether the utility or happiness will be obtained from money, love, or anything else the goal stays the same, to be happy. No one wants to be gloomy or miserable. Achieving happiness of some sort makes life that more special. I would like to think there would be some sort of purpose for people living. I don't think that a person would know ahead of time what that purpose is. I think that for some, knowing what it is may take longer than others and that God uses everyone differently for whatever reason. When seeking the meaning of life many questions ponders ones head such as, “Why am I here”, “What was a I put hear to do?”, “Is there an afterlife”. These questions may increase a greater thought and understanding of who you are but, ultimately will remain unanswered and until death. Although I am not completely sure are purpose for being on earth, I feel life is meant to achieve a certain amount of happiness or meaningfulness making it all worthwhile. While seeking happiness, learn more about life through personal experiences. Life is about asking questions and learning as you grow. On earth, humans experience sometimes unexplainable feelings of love, happiness, gloominess, and shyness. Love, for instance, gives meaning to an individual’s life in the right that feelings so unexplainable can fill someone with joy and bliss making that person’s life so more worth living. That’s the positive aspect of life which we all seek happiness in.

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