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Wilma Kelly Multicultural Awareness Conference 3/13/13 A Little Memes History In my observation of speaker Michael Greeker I, learned some new things like what is memes and what does it have to do with religion? I have heard of the word mimic and learned that memes is similar to mimic. The term memes means to imitate or mimicry. As Michael put it memes are “The genes of cultures copying themselves from person to person.” Memes can be conducted in electronic semiconductors and chemical codons. First in his presentation he spoke on Judaism, which they were able to survive over 4,000 years due to their memes. They were resilient in their group of memes even though the Romans, Nazis, and Assyrians just to name a few tried…show more content…
They saw Jesus as a Muslim philosopher with an idea that every individual can be loved and forgiven. That the 12 disciples and Paul went all over spreading the word of Jesus. Buddha was in belief that life was suffering and desiring so he left his family behind to spread the word in N.E. Asia, Tibet, and China where they integrated together to imitate Jesus but in their own type of philosophical teachings. Christians across the world battle on the issue that memes does or doesn’t exists. Religious memes and me metric may not be inherently good or bad superior or inferior but they do exist. That no matter what are cultures are we can evolve while staying true to ourselves and are roots. So whatever category one’s culture labels it’s all a meme of a belief in someone or something being the teacher, philosopher that we should follow his word and know that other cultures beliefs may seem to imitate each other. That some disagree that they believe in what another culture or religion believes to be what they believe to be Jesus and what he stands for also. Memes don’t have to be believed or treated like each other but it’s been proven that they do exist. That we should preserve certain memes for cultural growth and that change is necessary and also can be an

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