A Lesson Before Dying - Faith

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Faith can be a very complicated thing. It is almost necessary to have in order to get through every day life, especially in the situation the novel is set in. Faith unites everyone in the community in a way, but it also causes conflicts between the characters because they exercise their faith in different ways. It’s strange how something that is supposed to give these people hope for the future, also causes them to struggle against each other in their progression towards better days. Most of the people in the community hold their religious faith as their main priority. They go to church every Sunday, and pray to God every day of their lives, hoping that one day, He will answer their prayers with a less prejudiced way of life. God is the only thing they have in life to give them hope, yet they have had no answer or change. Still, most of the members of the community never falter in belief, their main philosophy in life being to “never give up God, no matter what happens.” Miss Emma struggles to stay faithful to God at certain points in the novel, questioning him, asking what she had done to deserve all the pain she was being put through. All her life she had done nothing but serve others, never acting selfishly, and now God’s answer to her faithfulness was to take away her nephew Jefferson. Still, she pushes on, doing everything in her power to help Jefferson become a man before death. How much she does for Jefferson is an example of the type of religious faith these people had. No matter how many bad things were thrown at them in their lives, they persisted on, serving God and others. Grant, however, finds it hard to have faith in religion, instead sticking to a more realistic way of thinking. Even though he has faith in his people, throughout the novel he questions himself, wondering if anything in their way of life will ever change. He remembers how his
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