Individualism In Ayn Rand's I Owe Nothing To My Brothers '

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We Are I… In Ayn Rand’s “I Owe Nothing To My Brothers”, Equality 7-252 has discovered individualism, being independent, a new meaning for the word “I”. Because of this, he doesn’t feel the need to owe anything to anyone. This passage tone is very declarative and enlightening. Individualism should be something we all practice as a whole. Being independent does not mean that we have to cut everybody out of our lives to accomplish what we desire. Equality 7-2521 says he has found “the answer”, which he had long been searching for. That he, himself will be the meaning of new things. He announces that he is done with the word “we” because it is the “root of all evils”. Equality 7-2521 now sees himself as the “face of god”. Equality 7-2521 has reached to the end of his quest, where he strongly believes that he does not need a warrant for being, because he himself is “the warrant”. Equality 7-2521 says in the passage “The miracle of…show more content…
By being independent individuals we don’t have to wait on other peoples support or permission to do certain things. We don’t have to go out of our way to please somebody else because we do as we want. When we are independent our confidence meter starts to rise up, it gives us that extra boost of motivation we desire to achieve new things. I believe that we are the creators of our own life, that we all have the same power to start and finish new goals but only a few have the actual strength and correct mind set to do it. Equality 7-2521 says that “the guiding star is within me” and that it points to just one direction, and that direction is “me”. What is a guiding star supposed to do? It is told that it leads the way to the right direction. That right direction does not necessarily have to be used as in a driving direction or walking, but the roadmap to a successful life. Something I like to say when I have a new goal is that “We can accomplish anything, as long as we set our my mind to do
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