Maintaining Job Descriptions

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Maintaining Job Descriptions Examine the reasons why it is important to update and write new job descriptions. Writing and updating job descriptions is very important for the company and the soon to be nominee. It allows the candidates to decide if the skills they have match the position they are applying for. In reference to the employer, it helps them to get a clear picture of the ideal candidate and give their expectations to the candidate whom they are searching for. For companies that undergo growth, restructuring, downsizing and relocating, these are the things that cause changes within the company such as departmental changes, team changes, and the company’s business priorities change. The reason why employers update and rewrite job descriptions is so that employees do not assume what to do on the job, but know what to do. The employer needs the job description to specifically state what is expected, such as travel, management, full time, part time and shift work. A job description also helps the employer determine who can follow directions, and it also aids in evaluations, raises and promotions. Job descriptions are also an important part of the Benefits Specialist’s Job. They are critical in the development and achievement of Human Resource programs. When applying for a job, the individual will always need remember that a job description is a legal binding document and can be used as evidence in hiring disputes and labor negotiations. Every time the job function of an employee changes it is very important that their job description changes also. Applicants cannot successfully manage their performances by the use of outdated job descriptions that do not list the actual functions of what they are assigned to do. Many organizations in the past have overlooked the importance of updating job descriptions, resulting in several lawsuits. Today a
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