Maintaining & Forming Relationships

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NVQ 3 Adults What Methods are effective in forming, maintaining and ending relationships with individuals and key people? It is important to be aware of the individual’s level of communication and ability and to use there chosen form of communication wherever possible. As I have been keyworker for many individuals I think they need to be aware of the clear boundaries that are put in place and this also needs to be consistent within all staff that will be supporting the individual. This is very important to form positive relationships whilst still keeping professional boundaries in place. You need to be a good listener, patient and be prepared to put in the effort as it can sometimes be very frustrating especially if there are communication difficulties. You need to be prepared to support them on activities of their choice and have fun with them. Regular keyworker sessions should be carried out with the individual on every aspect of there life including things that they may be finding difficult. It is important that the individual is aware that you are a member of staff who is there to support them, you need to be careful not to over step the mark. Never agree to keep secrets, never buy the individual presents and do not see the individual in your own personal time. This could lead the relationship into a personal relationship; attachment issues and conflicts. Consistency is the key to maintaining the relationship and positive reinforcement. Also the use of incentive programmes to support the individual in areas that they may be having difficulty in. When an individual is moving on it is important that you take an active role if you are the person’s keyworker. Support the young person to visit their new home and again complete keyworker sessions or social stories where appropriate on the move and your new role. It may be in certain circumstances

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