Unit 4 Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care

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Implementing Duty of Care 1. Explain what it means to have duty of care in your job role. Duty of care as a care assistant refers to your role and responsibilities in care such as health and safety of individuals and yourself, protection from harm and abuse or unnecessary risks. This includes responsibilities to act in the best interest of individuals and to do everything possible to keep them safe from harm, may it be physical or emotional. Your duty of care is also that you act within your own competence and do not do anything which you cannot do safely. Implementing duty of care also requires following procedures and policies and working to agreed standards which include the protection from dangers, harm and abuse whilst respecting individual's rights and choices. 2. How does duty of Care contribute to the safeguarding and protection of your service users? Safeguarding is protection of vulnerable people from abuse and harm. As a Carer you have a duty of care to report any allegations and suspicions of abuse( whistle blowing policy), harm or any other dangers in your work setting. Following your policies also insures that your services users are not exploited or taken advantage of for example by a member of staff, e. g. Gifts policy, which lays down rules that members of staff are not to accept any kind of gifts from service users. Should you be aware of this policy being discarded by another member of staff it is my responsibility to report this as it is not only against the company's policy but could also result in confrontations with the individual's family
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