MGMT-591 Leadership And Organizational Behavior Paper

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LSI Research paper Wayne Le Maitre MGMT-591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Anita Spector September 11, 2014 Identifying my primary and backup thinking styles According to my LSI results my primary styles represents the highest percentile score of 77 on the chart which is oppositional. My backup is my conventional style which has a second highest score of 57. The primary and backup styles Operational and Conventional one represents the tendency to utilize defensive and aggressive strategy of going against others, gaining attention by being critical and cynical, the ability to ask tough question, a need to look for flaws, being negative and having a sarcastic sense of humor. The conventional style measures my tendency to behave in a conforming way. It represents a preoccupation with adhering to rules and established procedures, maintaining a low profile, and blending in with a particular environment to avoid calling attention to ourselves. When we rely on established routines to determine how we do things, we risk losing our sense of being unique and an individual. These styles reflect some of my behavior which probably was inherited by family upbringing and personal friendships over the years. Some of these styles represent me but not all. It is just a snapshot of my personality in time. These are patterns that were added as I have grown in time. As a kid I had to obey…show more content…
Being an analyst and customer service rep where I was trained to think a particular way and address customers as per protocols played a part also. I believe that some of the company values also were factors in the way helped shaped my life. Living in NY was fun there was good times and bad times and they all reflect me and my
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