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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL ARCHETYPES Organizational Archetypes Mafuta C. Sauni Grantham University Strategies For Change BA580 Dr. Danetra Quarterman April 10, 2012 Explain two organizational archetypes and discuss how organizational structure influences innovation. Your submission should be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs, include at least one reference other than the textbook and use APA format for references. Adhocracy and Mission-Oriented are the two organizational archetypes I have selected to explain and discuss how they influence innovation. Adhocracy is “the form most commonly associated with innovative project teams” (Tidd & Bessant, 2009, pp. 110). Members have a insatiable appetite to develop products, services, and markets. The structure of a pioneer organization needs to be very flexible to permit sufficient room for rapid change and movement. Leaders must concentrate on developing the resources needed to support development. These resources typically include people, money, equipment, access to raw materials, and information. Adhocracy organizations need visionary, technically competent leaders who can develop and maintain high financial and technical support for products. Comfort in taking risks and faith in products, ideas, and people who may sometimes seem far removed from present-day reality is a necessity as well. “Mission-driven innovation can be highly successful, but requires energy and a clearly articulated sense of purpose” (Tidd & Bessant, 2009, pp.110). These organizations need aggressive, financially driven, marketing-oriented leaders who will cut across functions to coordinate activity and drive down costs, and who will stop at nothing to acquire new points of distribution. Members must act in a unified manner across large spans of geography. It is expected that a mission-oriented organization will

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