Costco Case Study

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Abstract A great leadership style includes a number of phases. It involves effectiveness, changes, dependability and adaptation along with other conditions. Great leadership capacity takes into consideration the significance of organizational partnership in the direction of the awareness of purpose and goals. Organizations have to have suitable leadership styles for them to function effectively. In this paper will be discussed the flexible theory of leadership and its function to the procedure in Costco Company. In addition to the role of the chief executive officer plays in flexible leadership theory. A corporation’s directorial effectiveness such as Costco has to be supported on the durable willingness to compete to succeed. In today business world the model for organizations is to become accustomed to an international globalization, diverse cultures and growth, the necessary to do better than the competition and to be able to draw attention and keep a substantial marketplace is desired to stay on the top. Marketplace frequently changes and drifts fast, for this reason leadership quality is required to guarantee the business survival and domination. According to Ken Blanchard flexible leadership is one of the three abilities of a situational leader and after the leader is be able to comfortably employ a diversity of leadership styles he/she has mastered the second skill of a situational leader (Blanchard, 2011, p. 88). Flexible leadership theory is supported on the foundation of ideas taken from a mixture of guidelines which consist of leadership and strategic management. Flexible leadership theory in addition includes principles established in organization supposition and decision-making changes within management. Flexible leadership theory also give emphasis to the necessary for
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