EXP105: The Seven Stages Of Transformational Learning

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Nicole Morrison 9/27/13 EXP105: Week 5 assignment Caroline Howard The first stage of the transformational change is to recognize a significant problem. The meaning of that is to identify the main problem in the subject. The second stage is to confront the problem or issue intensely, the meaning of that is to confront it like you mean it, and don’t just play around with it, and you should make it something important in your life, like a long term goal. The third stage is to find a solution, and everybody already know that means to find a way to conclude your problem. Also the last stage is to integrate a new perspective into your life pattern. That means to find something that will make new changes in your life or goals that will work. Next ask a friend to look it over and they can see a new perspective. Thy can make some new assumption into your pattern. My life has been full of experiences in which transitional learning took place. The most profound is the lesson I am currently learning. My experience that is in my life is that I made a choice to go back to school to get a better education about working with children, so I can become a teacher. The reason why I am doing this is because I want…show more content…
The first one that I went through was when I realized that others went through and are going through the same thing I am. The most important phase that I have experienced was formulating a plan of action. My plan of action was going back to school to get my degree in early childhood education. Which I am doing now. Then to finish my degree and become a teacher in a preschool setting. That will allow me to go farther in the company I already work for. The next step is actually becoming a teacher and having that classroom that I have always dreamed about. I might incorporate evening getting my bachelor’s degree in early childhood education to someday become part of the management

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