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Bianca Migliori Madrigal Case study Chp 2 Case 1 1. How are Gratterpalm’s new HR activities driving business growth for the company? Gratterpalm’s new human resources (HR) activities helped drive business growth by the strategic use of surveys as initial employee engagement to gain insight coupled with a strong communications plan. High performing organizations have a deeper understanding as to how employee engagement can successfully drive business growth.1 < Lockwood, N. (2007) P.2, Abstract, all lines>The HR activities strategically integrated both employees and management teams, and incorporated them early on in the HR structuring process. The High Performance Work System (HPWS) that was put into place included valuable training opportunities, structured performance management and appraisals, compensation or benefits and career development. Gratterpalm also communicated it business goals to its staff annually, and worked to better align its culture and employees with overarching business goals. The HR initiatives implemented helped improve the internal line of communication for both employees and their managers, and allowed them the opportunity to better manage their career growth through structured training and development, career mapping, and appraisals. According to Gallup Consulting, “An effective communications plan requires cultural alignment between the employees and the company, paired with a strategic alignment between activities and company goals”.2 Through the new HR initiatives, issues that were highlighted in data from initial and subsequent surveys given were addressed. Therefore, allowing Gratterpalm the opportunity to maximize on its human capital by optimizing its talent, this is greatly valued in the creative industry. Their system allowed employee concerns and competing demands to be blended, and utilized key findings from
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