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Advertising has been around for a long time advertising many products around the world. Either it’s by magazines, newspapers, billboards, internet, and TV it gets around. I think the main advertisement that catches everyone’s eye is the TV commercials. Because it’s a short clip with actors or real people promoting the product that is live on your TV. Not only because of that but then again because advertisers use emotions, humor, facts, etc. that relate to us. For instance an M & M, “Sexy and I know it” commercial for the 2012 Super Bowl. M & M’s is a colorful chocolate buttoned shaped candies, I think the commercial was eye catching because it’s a new product M & M is coming up with and has popular song. It starts off with a smart brown girl M & M talking with other girls while a guy is laughing at her. She asks, “What’s wrong with him” the girls say, “ He thinks your naked” then the girl M & M explains why she’s that color brown and say’s at the end, “ Only a fool would show up naked.” The red M & M in the back says, “So it’s that kind of party” thinking she’s naked too so he strips his red color and says, “Hit it” then the song by LMAO “I’m sexy and I know it” comes on and he starts to dance. Showing the natural brown chocolate (like the girl M & M) and a word phrase at the end says, “Not your average chocolate.” How this commercial appeals to everyone by Pathos is different emotion that M & M’s may have on certain people. Such as the M & M’s may have been a sentimental thing to a person and bring back memories. M & M’s can be a person’s favorite candy and bring happiness to them. In this commercial the M & M’s bring a sense of happiness to make people laugh and feel the joy of the candy. Even though it is not eaten the chocolate candy can make a person feel a certain mood once they see and eat the candy. The commercial that appeals

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