The Persimmon Taste

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The Persimmon Taste The fruit that I choose is persimmon. There are two kinds of persimmons; Fuyu and Hachiya persimmon. Fuyu is hard like an apple while Hachiya tastes like chalk, and it tastes different than Fuyu does. Persimmon has a light yellow-orange tone when it has ripened. Persimmons are not berries, in fact they look like small-size pumpkin. Usually, persimmons will bear fruit in the fall and the leaves will shade too. However, it will appear again in the summer. I chose Fuyu Persimmon as my fruit. This persimmon has distinguished textures, tastes, smells and how I eat persimmon is different from any other fruits. When I first feel the skin, it was silky like ceramic, solid, yet soft at the same time. From its solidness, I can deduce that it doesn’t contain much water. When I hold a persimmon, it feels like I am holding a mini size of pumpkin. Like a tomato, you can know when it is ripe by looking at the color or by squeezing it, the hardness will indicate the ripeness of the fruit. In addition, when I first sliced and opened it, it has an orange color, which looks like a sunset. The smell of persimmons is not aromatic; it does not have an aroma that attracts people to eat it. When it is sliced, however, you can actually smell the fragrance of the fruit spreading in the air. Its smell, in my opinion, is like that of an apricot and mango combined. It smells so good. When the smell came up to my nose, I can feel the fresh scent tingling my senses. It reminded me of my room in Indonesia as I use fruit scented air freshener. The smell and the appearance attracted me to eat it. On the first bite, I was able to taste the crispness of the fruit. It was a bite filled with satisfaction. When I closed my eyes, I could taste its sweetness. It was as sweet as sugar candy that melted in my mouth. Even though it doesn’t have much water, it felt so juicy in my mouth.

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