South Park and American Society

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South Park Influence on America Controversy over the show named South Park erupted ever since it aired on television back in 1997. South Park is an animated sitcom about four foul-mouthed children named Stan, Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny. The creators of the show are Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Due to the shows success it is now one of the highest rated shows on television. It also airs in more than a dozen countries. South Park has had a positive influence on society. The show takes serious and current topics, and it presents them in a hilarious manner. Whether it be in a satirical form or serious approach, South Park never misses to teach the audience a lesson. Every episode reminds us that we live in such an amazing country that allows us to exercise our right of freedom of speech in any way possible.The show also targets celebrities and politicians to shows that they are just like everyone else. South Park has the unique ability to update its audience with current events going on in our country or worldwide that most would overlook. South Park takes hard news, adds satire with raunchy humor; which then creates interest from the public. It also helps that South Park has a bigger audience base than CNN as well. South Park provides us with in your face politics with no apologies. For example, in season fifteen episode nine called “The Last of the Meheecans” South Park makes fun of the country’s current economy. In the episode the economy is so awful that the hispanic immigrants that once traveled to our country in hopes of a new start have decided to run back to their country of origin. Furthermore, South Park demonstrates the diversity that exists in our country. Just in the .little town of Colorado the characters of South Park reside in there are Caucasians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Jewish people, Christians, Muslims, Homosexuals, the one percent, the
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