Hershey's Kisses

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All people have a trait or personality that you can fit objects to him or her. Candy for instance, people have favorite candies and such that they always eat and enjoy. Sometimes it fits to his or her personality, or not. The first thing I would like I am most like is Gummy Bears. I am smooshy because I have my kind and caring sides to me. But when time is added to the Gummy Bears the bears start to get hard and boring. Also I have different flavors or personalities; sometimes people do not like my flavors and just do not eat those bears. Also I am pretty darn cute. Another candy would have to be the Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopppers: I have many layers and I take a long to get through. What I mean by this is I have different aspect of personalities, and it…show more content…
Kisses are warm and very comforting when a friend needs help, just like me at times. But I also have that fun, loving side that comes with the Kisses. The Reese's are way different from all the others. Now Reese's have this combination of two opposites that work together in the end. Reese's are salty and sweet. The salty side in me gets the things people do not understand like, the weird jokes, or the tragedy parts in a war and have an interest in it. But while with the sweet side cares for people and has that comforting side that a person needs to have to interact with others. But my personal all time favorite candy in the world is York Peppermint Pattie. Just the oozy, goosy, goodness that fills the body when you take that first bite of the wonderfully peppermint mixed with dark chocolate mixture. And almost feels like a person's body is being deep cleaned all over. The best time to eat a York is right after dinner, you get that little bit of taste of minty flavor to make your breath smell nice, but then the dark chocolate make it taste as though you are eating

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