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Carly Elizabeth Ashcroft Professor Haytham Mahfoud LIBS-3003-02 Liberal Arts 2: Contemporary Issues September 10th, 2012 Introducing Myself For Part I of the assignment, paste your photo/picture in the box below. Feel free to modify/resize your picture. Respond to Part II of the assignment here. Write two or three paragraphs in which you respond to the items below. a. Your reasons for taking this class b. Your career goals (both temporary and long-term) c. A brief description of your employment, if any, and your favourite activities d. An assessment and discussion of your current writing skills, including your strengths and weaknesses. e. A brief discussion of your familiarity with e-mail, the Internet, and research skills. Once finished, upload a copy of your document to the specified Dropbox (“Introducing Myself”) on FOL A. My reason for taking this class is University. I am taking the General Arts and Science and majoring in University Prep. Next September I plan to be in my first year of the Mental Health program at The University of Western. B. My career goals, both temporary and long-term are to be an addictions…show more content…
I would say that my current writing skills are at an intermediate level. I can differentiate between different types of essays, and formats. I can spell any word you put in front of me, for the most part. I would like to say that I am very good at English and language. One of my writing strengths would be structure and information. I like to explain things to the fullest, so the reader understands the piece inside and out. I like to give a lot of reasons, and back up my opinions using facts and observations. As for one of my writing weaknesses, I’d say that it would be the fact that I may write too much. I have received criticism from different individuals saying that I over analyze the smallest of things. This is something I find to be a good thing, but other people may have different

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