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Lab 1 Why are you pursuing a degree at ITT Technical Institute? I decided I wanted a quality education in order to pursue my educational goals and from what I have heard and seen student success is top priority at ITT Tech. I really want a profitable career in the computer field. I decided ITT Technical Institute was right for me when I realized emphasis is placed on helping you begin to develop skills and knowledge in technical areas that can have practical value in the workplace. Besides technical instruction, the programs of study offered at ITT Technical Institute focus on helping you develop problem solving, critical thinking, and communication and teamwork skills. What are at least two goals you have for yourself in this class? One of my goals in this class is to explore new ideas, review established thoughts, and approach information technology in a critical, thoughtful manner. Another goal I have set for my self in this class is to refine writing style for more strategic clarity, concision, coherence, cohesion, and emphasis. The best option is to read more of the things that I want to write - read, read, read! Take it how they use sentence structure. Try to make sure all my sentences don't follow the same format every time - mix long and short. Action sequences should have short and punchy sentences; other scenes can have longer lines and paragraphs. What are at least two goals you have for yourself in general? These goals can be related to your school, personal life, or professional life. Worship and serve God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. Loving God is not an option. It is a commandment from Jesus that we must obey. Worship is the demonstration of your love for Him. But worshipping and serving God deals with more than just singing praise songs. True worship is expressed by bowing down and laying

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