Letter To Anthems

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Dear Anthems magazine, I am writing to you today to talk to you about a topic that has been an ongoing issue. Peer pressure has been one topic that seems to get pushed over and forgot about. Peer pressure is a topic with many sides to it, such as, teen violence, teen dinking and smoking, and shoplifting. These are things that have a very big effect on teen lives and the outcome of there future. I am writing to ask you to help get a message across to teens and let them know that its ok to be different. Peer pressure comes from one person following another and trying to fit in to be cool. Some teen are more worried about what others think about them then what actually makes them happy. The biggest topic that I would like your…show more content…
Teens now adays are so caught up in again what makes them look cool, you have 14 and 15 years old kids smoking cigarettes, weed, and some even doing harder drugs . Teens are doing this because they thing it makes them look cool, or because they have seen someone else do it, or felt they had to fit in. A personal oppinion that I can tell you about teen smoking and drinking was one of my best friends. She was a girl that always knew what she wanted to do. She was a teen that had everything planned out, I mean from her homework to her outfit she was going to wear the next day. As close as we were we never really talked as much as we should have. What I mean by that is we never talked about life and what was going on. Although I tired she was one to keep to herself. Well in keeping to herself she met a boy that she thought was the best thing ever. He was one of those boys who tell you what you want to hear for only so long. In my opinion he was a boy that knew her weaknesses and did what he knew she wanted just to get her where he wanted her to be. In any case she fell head over heels for him, and in return he changed everything about her and who she was. she went from a girl who was against puttin in contacts because she didnt want to hurt her eye to wearing contacts of every color. She dyed her hair the color he wanted her as, and wore the clothes he wanted to see her in. He was one person by day and another by night. Before I knew it I had lost my best friend al together. He made her stop talking to me because he thought I wasn’t cool enough for her. As much as I tried to snap her out of this hold he had on her, she just didn’t want to hear it. Next thing I knew she trying cigarettes and weed. I prayed and hoped it didn’t get any further then that, although I didn’t approve of that either. Yet just as I thought once she tried it, she got hooked. She became a true
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