Having a Positive Relationship with Your Parent!

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“Children Having a Positive Relationship with Their Parents” December 28, 2014 PSY 2012-12 The theory that I will be writing about is basic anxiety and basic hostility, by Karen Horney. My opinion on this theory is that I totally agree with Horney beliefs that children and parent relationships are very important. And, children should never have to endure harsh things coming from their parents. I have learned that children may have resentment toward their parents later on in life, if they feel that they were being neglected by them. “Living alone and impotent in an inimical world.” The person I choose to reflect my theory on is Shantay Fields. She is not my biological sister, but my mother has raised her since she was a baby and my mother is all she knew. So, I consider her being my biological sister since my mother raised her. I chose Shantay above others because she is an outstanding single mother to a smart, wonderful, and bright sixteen year old daughter by the name of Tatyana Fields. She had her daughter at a young age and with no help from her father, she did it all by herself. Upon having a baby at a young age, she had to drop out of high school and become parent by herself. She is the only person I know, besides myself to be an amazing mother all by herself, while going back to school to receive her GED, by attending a community college for nursing and also graduating. I see my chosen theory in Shantay in a variety of ways. Like Horney, she also emphasized the importance of parent-child relationships. (Nevid, 2013). She has never been harsher towards her daughter in any way. She always has been there for her no matter how tough things may get for her being a single mother without help. She managed and overcame the barriers that tried to get in her way to stop. She and Tatyana have this amazing relationship like I never

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