Why there are a lack of girls.

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There have been many complaints by boys and even men about how there is a lack of "good girls". "All the good ones are taken" or "I always find a flaw in them" are what they preach, but do they practice what they preach? No, it's a narrow and selfish route that they choose to follow. The majority of the male population dictates their "perfect good girl" as being cute but sexy at the same time, intelligent, fun, independent, outgoing, athletic, nice body, and so forth. There is always that same depiction of that good girl, but do the guys deserve it? Not at all, and the ones that deserve it go for less-than-perfect girls. Good guys go for bad girls, and they leave the almost-perfect girls aside. We all know it, we all see it, why deny it? Girls see guys go for the girls that dress scantily clad, the ones that would rather wake up 2 hours earlier just to cake their faces on, the ones that rather go to a school that has hotter guys than a better education, the ones that flirt with all the boys, the girls that think about themselves and have no regards for others, we see it, we good girls see it all. We good girls are usually deemed the ugly friend, the backup, the one the guys would make their wives, but not their girlfriend at the moment. We are the ones that fall for the good boys, but the boys are blinded by the "beauty" of the bad girls. They get caught up in those girls, and what does that leave us good girls to do? Wait. We are the waiters. We are patient, caring, understanding, and on the back burner. We wait until you guys are done with those girls. We wait. We wait until you notice us. We keep waiting. We then change. We do a little something different to our hair, similar to the prettier girls. We do a little something extra to our makeup, just to emulate that of the prettier girls. We change, we keep changing until you guys notice us. We eventually get the

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