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Compare and Contrast Essay English 1010 The Secret Life of an American Teenager The U.S has the highest teen rate in the industrialized world. Research has shown that about 750,000 teen girls get pregnant each year. The teen pregnancy rate has become so high a show was created about it. “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” is the shows’ name. It characterizes teens in high school that are sexually active and having babies. On the show these teens are portrayed as sex craving kids that can’t wait until marriage to have sex. Some of the young girls become pregnant at the tender age of 14. Most times contraceptives were not talked about or even used in the script. I found it to be very humorous that the parents of the teens were more excited about the baby. It was ok for their kids to be pregnant. They portrayed the characters’ lives as if they weren’t really teenagers in high school. In fact they were teens who were just living adult lifestyles. These kids were open to their parents about having sex and wanting to have a baby. Pregnancy was in no way abnormal in this show. In reality, if teenage life was this great, more teens would have more babies In reality teen pregnancy is definitely real. More and more girls are getting pregnant each year. Abstinence is no secret amongst the youth these days. The show didn’t portray the reality of how hard it is to be a teenage parent. It’s an easy job as they showcased in the show. Teen pregnancy affects teens’ lifestyles, education and many other factors in reality. I researched that only a third of teens, who become parents, will not graduate high school and get a diploma. Most of them won’t even obtain a college degree. The show portrays the parents as being so excited and happy. In real life parents are more disappointed than happy. The teens in the show are showed living beautiful lifestyles, but most times
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